The Blokes Project

The BLOKES Project includes a new dance work (performed on a shipping container, researched with family & community elders in their truck yards, sheds & vehicles) investigating the embodied myths, truths and stereotypes of how to be Australian. Beyond the Beer and the Bullshit. Dancing to ‘break the cycle’ of damage to self and othersContinue reading “The Blokes Project”


G’day. I’m Tony Robertson Welcome to my collection of sites about us blokes! By way of introduction, I’m a post-war baby-boomer, White Australian, Gay Christian Male with a commitment to non-violent living.  And in all that I find the joys and hopes the grief and anguish of life!!! I am also a Community Jester and RitualContinue reading “MANHOOD MATES AND MASCULINITY”

Spirituality and Masculinity Resources

My collection of online resources: Masculine Spirituality By Richard Rohr, O.F.M. September-October 1988 published in Praying – Spirituality for Everyday Living printer friendly (PDF 8 pages)   Remembering the power of sacred creation Attuning to masculine energy through the labyrinth Remaking Men Jungian Thought and the Post-Patriarchal Psyche David Tacey Manhood online