About the Author

My name is Tony Robertson and I wish to begin my profile by acknowledging the traditional Indigenous owners of the land around South Brisbane where I live and work. I also pay my respects to the elders of the local community.

I prefer to describe myself as a Community Jester. This means I live my life as a social and public response to injustice and exploitation.My passion for justice was nurtured by my father’s work with street people in the St Vincent de Paul society and my life experience as a gay man.

I’m a guitarist / singer who loves music about people and social issues. I have walked the streets in protest since my teens to raise awareness of peace and non-violence.

I have danced in Ashby Hall in Geelong, streets in Manila, Story Hall in Melbourne,remote villages in PNG,the Opera House on New Year’s Eve,naked at RAW in Caboolture in 2005.
In the last 54 years I have lived in:
Margaret Street, North Geelong, Victoria
Waterloo Street, West Geelong, Victoria
Jersey Road Plumpton, NSW
Catherine Street Leichhardt NSW
Clayton North,Victoria
King William Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
Dryborough Street North Melborne, Victoria
Otter Street, Collingwood, Victoria,
Princess Street, Seddon, Victoria
Kiunga, Western Province, Papua New Guinea
West End, Brisbane, Queensland
Frederick Street, Annerley Qld
Fairfield, Brisbane

I write everything from web pages through to media releases.I have become an expert at writing online profiles and have an ability to create interesting typos.

I remain catholic in the sense that I embrace diversity. I like to describe my relationship with the Church as that of a Holy Irritant.

I have collected hats from all over the globe and when in public I dress for comfort and expression. I prefer to wear t/shirts with a message and buy clothes from local African and Indigenous communities. And yes, I do own a set of “tails” for very formal events like royal weddings and papal visits.

I celebrate my Celtic heritage whenever I can with the wearing the Caledonian Kilt.

I also have a profile online here from Manhood Online


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